Visually entertaining the world


Coffee with friends” She is “Raw2th33bone” Down to earth fire breathing high spirited women, that speaks her mind. Be warned!

“Grounded”A dysfunctional group that works for an airline.  

“The Spoken Tale Series” An adult themed cartoon from the hilarious mind of Tony Tale (Adults only)



Reality Shows

How well do you know you significant other?

Lets find out. A new show coming where we ask the impossible.

Old school

Movies & TV shows from back when the screen would glitch when the VCR tape would start to play. The 80’s & 90’s 

Talk Show


“Coffee with friends” A talk show, with nothing held back. She’s a down to earth, fire breathing, high spirted women, that speaks her mind on different topics daily. Be warned for adults only

Cartoons & Kids shows

Numerous cartoons, like Bugs bunny road runner, Daffy Duck & Elmer Fudd. Wallace & Grommett, Fat Albert & the Cosby kids. Kids shows like Chugginton, The Backyardigans, Sesame Street. 

Airing old soap opera

“All My Children”

One of the best soap operas from the 70’s  that unfortunately ended in 2011.


We Produce the best quality of films that stood the test of time while also providing the opportunity for young minds to showcase their talents through our brands.